Episode 6 – ‘Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to ‘Off The Wall”

Abstract: In this sixth episode, Elizabeth and Karin discuss the 2016 documentary, Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to ‘Off The Wall’, directed by Spike Lee. Their discussion begins with Lee’s body of work, and how it connects with this particular documentary, and go on to explore the use of it as a text for teachers, researchers and academics. Throughout this episode the wonderful solo album, Off the Wall remains a key topic of discussion.


Merx, Karin, and Elizabeth Amisu. “Episode 6 – ‘Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to ‘Off the Wall”.” Podcast, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation 2, no. 2 (2016). Published electronically 7/04/16. http://michaeljacksonstudies.org/episode-6-michael-jacksons-journey-from-motown-to-off-the-wall/.

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Episode 6 – ‘Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to ‘Off The Wall”
By Karin Merx & Elizabeth Amisu

‘Spike Lee is important because he engages this impassable divide between high art, low art, popular culture and high culture. Spike Lee is one of those directors who are just part of our past, and our present, and our future.’
– Elizabeth Amisu

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Karin Merx BMus, MA, is editor of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, and author of  ‘A festive parade of highlights. La Grande Parade as evaluation of the museum policy of Edy De Wilde at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam’. Find out more about Karin here.

Elizabeth Amisu, PGCE, MA, is editor of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies and author of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic AfterlifeFind out more about Elizabeth here.


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