FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies?

An academic, scholarly journal, which is peer-reviewed, in which academic writing and scholarship relating to Michael Jackson can be accessed. Academic journals are one of the most wonderful ways to share academic criticism and research with interested parties. This research is presented as books, courses, events, essays, teaching resources, columns, articles, book reviews, academic podcasts and original research.In addition to this we also publish author interviews.

Why Michael Jackson?

It is a little-known fact that academic, well-researched “books on Elvis Presley alone outnumber titles on Chuck Berry, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, andMichael Jackson combined”. (Vogel, Man in the Music). Whereas an artist like Michael Jackson is incredibly visible through the media and tabloid coverage, research on his art remains comparatively small. If this continues Michael Jackson’s contributions could be written out of history in just a few decades. Therefore, this journal nurtures, fosters, protects, preserves and grows the vital research and recognition of his work.

Who founded The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies ?

Karin Merx & Elizabeth Amisu co-founders of The journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies

The public profiles of co-founders of the journal can be read below:
Karin Merx, BMus, MA is the cover artist and illustrator of the first comprehensive academic book on Michael Jackson,  ‘The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife. Merx is founder and editor of the world’s first peer-reviewed academic journal on Michael Jackson’s art, life and work, The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studiesand she is co-presenter of the acclaimed podcast, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation, mentioned in iTunes as ‘New and Noteworthy’. Merx is an artist and academic. She studied at the Academy of Music in Amsterdam, and is alumna of Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Open University, Netherlands and holds qualifications in Art History. For The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, she wrote the well-received article: ‘From Throne to Wilderness. Michael Jackson’s ‘Stranger in Moscow’ and the Foucauldian Outlaw‘ and a book review on Dangerous by Susan Fast. This review is also translated in German and ItalianFind out more at karinmerx.co.uk/ .

Elizabeth Amisu, author of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife, holds an MA in Early Modern English Literature from King’s College London. She completed her teacher training at the University College London Institute of Education and has seven years’ teaching experience. She is co-founder of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studiesonline. For The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studiesshe has edited two publications, An Academic Companion to Michael Jackson Studies and Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation – Michael Jackson & Prince;written several articles and book reviews, most notably ”Throwing Stones To Hide Your Hands’: The Mortal Persona Of Michael Jackson‘, which has been translated into Spanish and Italian; ”The Isle is Full of Noises’: Revisiting the Peter Pan of Pop‘, available in German; ”Crack Music’: Michael Jackson’s Invincible‘, also in Italian; and ”Heard it Through the Grapevine’: Are We Losing Michael Jackson All Over Again?’, also available in SpanishFind out more at elizabethamisu.com/.

Who are the Editors?

The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies has three editors: Kerry Hennigan, Elizabeth Amisu and Karin Merx.

Where does your content come from?

Our content comes from academics and researchers around the world who wish to professionally publish their work. A list of all of our contributors can be found here.

Why do you have a Podcast

Podcasts are a fantastic way of getting academic ideas around Michael Jackson into the public sphere in a way that is easily accessible to listeners. Presented by the journal’s editors, it is the world’s first academic podcast which solely discusses the art of Michael Jackson as well as the broader contexts in which his music, performance and short films were created and received. Each podcast is filled to the brim with academic insights, a plethora of references from a range of academic disciplines, humor and a great deal of discussion, taking Michael Jackson’s work and the study of its reception to new heights.
MichaelJackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation is our official, original monthly/fortnightly academic podcast which focuses on the life, art and creative work of Michael Jackson. Recently, featured on the iTunes ‘New and Noteworthy’ lists, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation is the world’s foremost podcast on Michael Jackson in academic studies. It is available via iTunesAndroidEmailRSS, and StitcherListen here.

How much does it cost per year to run an academic journal?

An academic journal like The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies costs several thousand pounds a year to run professionally. We need approximately £10,000 per year to run the journal in a way that would allow it to grow and to expand our network base throughout the world.
As we are completely independent and not connected to the Michael Jackson Estate or a University or College, we rely on sponsors, supporters, fans and donors to keep the academic conversation going. We also rely heavily on contributions from academics on a non-profit basis. One of the most important things that increased funding would do is enable us to purchase DOI (digital archiving) for academic research about Michael Jackson.

How come your content is available for so many people?

For six years we invested a lot of their time and money to provide academic research and content openly because they believe that the academic tradition they are building is protecting Michael Jackson’s legacy. However, as the journal grows, its expenses have grown, and though we are currently sponsored by Online Arts Education and Protagonist, with whose help we were able to develop a site, podcast and journal most of our new content requires our readers to help to secure the academic credibility and integrity into the future.

How are you different from a fan-site or fanzine?

We deliver primarily academic research-based content and we also provide resources for academics and teachers. We archive online content so that we can deliver researchers a referencing service. We are impartial and are not affiliated with any institution. Therefore we remain objective and balanced in our content. We provide content of a diversity which gives us perspectives of all kinds and makes very clear that we can study Michael Jackson from a wide variety of subject specialisms, from Popular Culture and Literature to African-American Heritage.

What Services Do You Provide?

We provide a very diverse range of content, including a monthly academic podcast, essays, opinion pieces, editorials, journal issues and volumes, resources, detailed academic book reviews, exclusive authorial interviewsa monthly column which updates readers on the world of Michael Jackson Studies, which is the only one of its kind. We also provide much-needed academic publications on Michael Jackson’s artistry.

Could I Become a Corporate Sponsor?

Yes. We are actively encouraging corporate sponsorship at The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies. It is best to contact us directly via the contact page. We also welcome individual donors, whose precious support ensures the journal’s continuing to foster, protect, and grow the academic legacy of Michael Jackson’s work.

How Can I Write for The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies ?

We believe that everyone has an article, essay, story and review within them that they could share with the world. We love being part of that experience. In this vein, we are currently seeking Articles, Essays, Opinion Pieces (750-6000 words) and Book Reviews (approx. 250-750 words). Writing for usmeans that not only do you retain all copyrights, you also have the added bonus of being an academically published author in the world’s only journal on Jackson’s art. Read our Submission Guidelines here.

I’m a student. Can you help me?

Yes, we can. We provide students with resources, and we also offer an opportunity to be considered for academic publication, enhancing academic credit for your hard work. Read our Submission Guidelines here.

I’m a researcher. Can you help me?

Yes, we definitely can. We provide researchers with  resources, and groundbreaking books like The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife. Most importantly, we offer the only academic journal which is professionally geared towards this leading-edge subject. We recommend that researchers Read our Submission Guidelines here.