Style Requirements

A specific academic style, such as Chicago Manual of Style (14th/15th edition) or MHRA (3rd edition).
• See for a comprehensive reference list of academic sources, primary and secondary material.
• We can accept manuscripts in Word, PDF or RTF formats. We prefer email attachments.
• Citations: We prefer, where possible, the use of footnotes for references.
• Quotations: For poetry of three or more lines and prose quotations of four or more lines, please use indented block quotations. Shorter quotations may be included in the body of the essay.
• Languages: We take work in a range of languages. American and British spelling are both acceptable. If your text includes quotations in a language other than English, use authoritative translations (or your own), followed by English translation in brackets. Identify your translators in the footnotes.
• The titles of books and articles in languages other than English should be followed immediately by their English
translations in brackets.
• Format: Font: Use Times Roman 12 (non-proportional) font.
• Margins: Set at 1-inch right, left, top, and bottom. Do not justify right margin. Do not set widow/orphan protection.
• Line Spacing: Double space (2 line spaces) entire manuscript, including notes and block quotes.
• Page Numbers: Number pages in upper right corner.
• Character Spacing: Use a single space after periods, colons, commas and semicolons.
• Hyphenation: Do not use automatic hyphenation. Do not hyphenate end-of-line words.