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Films & Short Films
Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour (Epic Music Video, 2005) [on DVD]
We Are The World (20th Anniversary Special), dir. Tom Trbovich (USA For Africa, 2005) [on DVD]
Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies (2003)

One More Chance, dir. Nicholas Brandt (2003)
Men In Black II, dir. Barry Sonnenfeld (Columbia Pictures, 2002) [on DVD]
Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls, dir. Bryan Michael Stoller (Showcase Entertainment, 2002) [on DVD]
What More Can I Give (2001)
Cry, dir. Nicholas Brandt (2001)
You Rock My World, Paul Hunter (2001)
Michael Jackson’s Ghosts (Kingdom Entertainment, 1998) [on VHS]
Michael Jackson: The Making of Ghosts, VH1, 1997
HIStory on Film Volume II (Sony Music Video Enterprises, 1997) [on DVD]
(2 Bad + Is it Scary +) Ghosts, dir. Stan Winston (1997)
Blood on the Dance Floor, dirs. Michael Jackson and Vincent Paterson (1997)
Stranger in Moscow, dir. Nicholas Brandt (1996)
They Don’t Care About Us (Prison version), dir. Spike Lee (1996)
They Don’t Care About Us (Brazil version), dir. Spike Lee (1996)
Why, dir. Ralph Ziman (1996)
Childhood, dir. Nicholas Brandt (1995)
Earth Song, dir. Nicholas Brandt (1995)
You Are Not Alone, dir. Wayne Isham (1995)
Scream, dir. Mark Romanek (1995)
HIStory Teaser, Rupert Wainwright (1995)
Greatest Hits – HIStory (Sony Music Video Enterprises, 1995) [on DVD]
Dangerous: The Short Films (MJJ Productions, 1993) [on DVD]
Whatzupwitu, dir. Wayne Isham (1993)
Gone Too Soon, dir. Bill DiCicco (1993)
Who Is It, dir. David Fincher (1993)
Will You Be There, dir. Vincent Paterson (1993)
Give In to Me, dir. Andy Moharan (1993)
Heal the World, dir. Joe Pytka (1992)
Jam, dir. David Kellogg (1992)
In the Closet, dir. Herb Ritts (1992)
Remember the Time, dir. John Singleton (1992)
Stark Raving Dad – The Simpsons Season 3, dir. Rich Moore (Twentieth Century Fox, 1992) [on DVD]
Black or White, dir. John Landis (1991)
Liberian Girl, dir. Jim Yukich (1989)
2300 Jackson Street, dir. Grey Gold (1989)
Leave Me Alone, dir. Jim Blashfield (1989)
Moonwalker, dirs. Jerry Kramer, Jim Blashfield and Colin Chilvers (MJJ Productions, 1988) [on DVD]
Badder, dir. Jim Blashfield (1988)
Speed Demon, dirs. Jerry Kramer and Will Vinton (1988)
Another Part of Me, dir. Patrick Kelly (1988)
Smooth Criminal, dir. Colin Chilvers (1988)
Come Together, dirs. Jerry Kramer and Colin Chilvers (1988)
Dirty Diana, dir. Joe Pytka (1988)
Man in the Mirror, dir. Donald Wilson (1988)
The Way You Make Me Feel, dir. Joe Pytka (1987)
Bad, dir. Martin Scorsese (1987)
Captain EO, dir. Francis Ford Coppola (Disney, 1986)
We Are the World, dir. Tom Trbovich (1985)
The Making of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, dir. Jerry Kramer (Optimum Productions/Vestron Video, 1983) [on VHS]
Thriller, dir. John Landis (1983)
Say Say Say, dir. Bob Giraldi (1983)
Beat It, dir. Bob Giraldi (1983)
Billie Jean, dir. Steve Barron (1983)
She’s Out of My Life, dir. Bruce Gowers (1980)
Rock with You, dir. Bruce Gowers (1980)
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough, dir. Nick Saxton (1979)
The Wiz, dir. Sidney Lumet (Motown Productions, 1978) [on DVD]