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MJ Studies Today is a monthly academic column, published by The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies, which presents an up-to-date look at the world of Michael Jackson Studies as it exists right now, including informative articles and views that you may have missed. Written by academics who specialize in the field of a range of academic disciplines, it aims to keep the community up-to-date.

As part of MJ Studies Today, we also welcome a host of insightful and well-informed guest contributors who provide opinion pieces featuring their ideas on the important resonance of Michael Jackson and how he is perceived in the modern era.

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MJ Studies Today Columns (2016)

  1. MJ Studies Today I (14-01-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    January 2016 discusses the cover-reveal of ‘The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife‘ by Elizabeth Amisu.
  2. MJ Studies Today II (14-02-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    February 2016 discusses the recent news that the white actor Joseph Fiennes, was cast as Michael Jackson in an upcoming comedy program on Sky Arts.
  3. MJ Studies Today III (15-03-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    March 2016 discusses the screening of Spike Lee’s new documentary, ‘Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall’
  4. MJ Studies Today IV (14-04-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    April 2016 has been incredibly exciting and thought-provoking in the world of Michael Jackson Studies.
  5. MJ Studies Today V (14-05-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    May 2016 is all about the academic study of Michael Jackson’s art, cultural impact and critical reception.
  6. MJ Studies Today VI (15-06-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    June 2016 is all about The Journal of Michael Jackson Studies on Vindication Day.
  7. MJ Studies Today VII (14-07-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    July 2016 is all about the movement of ideas in Michael Jackson Studies, as we move nearer to the publication of The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His Artistic Afterlife.
  8. MJ Studies Today VIII (14-08-16) – Elizabeth Amisu
    August 2016 celebrates the 58th year since Michael Joseph Jackson was born. It’s a touching time for the millions of Michael Jackson fans and students around the world. It is the final column from Elizabeth.
  9. MJ Studies Today IX (14-09-16) – Kerry Hennigan
    September 2016 introduces new columnist, Kerry Hennigan, who takes a look at ‘the impact of Michael Jackson on popular culture’ and ‘the many ways fans have of expressing their appreciation of, and love for him.’
  10. MJ Studies Today X (14-10-2016) – Kerry Hennigan
    In the October column, Kerry Hennigan talks about the role of advocacy as part of the Michael Jackson fan phenomenon.
  11. MJ Studies Today XI (14-11-1016) – Kerry Hennigan
    In the November column, Kerry Hennigan examines the ‘why’ of the life and work of Michael Jackson.

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