Vodcast MJDLO

We will frequently post the episode video recordings that are also available on our Youtube channel.

MJDLO The Roots & Routes Of Michael Jackson

Karin and Elizabeth have Dr Tristan Cabello as their guest to discuss the essay The Roots & Routes of Michael Jackson written in 2009 by Sylvia J Martin. In this compelling episode they answer questions about identity, influence, if MJ was politically used and much more. 

MJDLO Exclusive KingVention & Elizabeth Amisu

Co-founder and podcast host of MJDLO Elizabeth Amisu visited KingVention on September 18 and 19, 2022. In this episode, she shares her experiences.

MJDLO Exclusive KingVention and the Experiences of Elizabeth Amisu.

MJDLO Exclusive Interview with Marcos Cabotá

We had the pleasure to interview Marcos Cabotá about his brilliant documentary Sonic Fantasy.

MJDLO Exclusive with Marcos Cabotá, Elizabeth Amisu & Karin Merx