Episode 21 – 2016 Recap: Past, Present and Future Book II

Abstract: What has the Journal accomplished in 2016? And that all-important question, where is it going next? In the words of the King of Pop himself, ‘every day create your history, every path you take you’re leaving your legacy’. In this episode we talk about the past, the present and the future of The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies online. 


Merx, Karin, and Elizabeth Amisu. “Episode 21 – 2016 Recap: Past, Present and Future Book 2.” Podcast, Michael Jackson’s Dream Lives On: An Academic Conversation 3, no. 3 (2017). Published electronically 7/01/17. http://michaeljacksonstudies.org/episode21/

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Episode 21 – 2016 Recap: Past, Present and Future Book II
By Karin Merx & Elizabeth Amisu

Happy New Year to all our listeners from The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies.
Merx & Elizabeth Amisu

All Our References and Where to Easily Find Them


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14/1/16 MJ Studies Today I

21/1/16 Interview Joseph Vogel


7/2/16 What is MJ Studies

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1/3/16 Michael Jackson And Monochromatic Cinematography

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28/3/16 Exclusive MJ’s Estate


7/4/16 Spike Lee’s Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall

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28/5/16 Exclusive, first episode with guests Lisha McDuff and Roberta Meek part 1


7/6/16 Part 2 MJ & Prince

13/6/16 Book review Defending a King by Karen Moriarty and Making Michael by Mike Smallcombe

14/6/16 MJ Studies Today VI

20/6/16 Book Review The Michael Jacksons Lorena Turner

21/6/16 Interview with Lorena Turner

25/6/16 Exclusive with Joseph Vogel, 7 albums, 7 songs, 7 years

28/6/16 Opinion Piece by Ivana Recmanova Thoughts about Lyrics and Gender


7/7/16 Author & Text The Dangerous Philosophies

14/7/16 MJ Studies Today VII

21/7/16 Interview with The MJCast

29/7/16 Teaching MJ Studies Online Course


1/8/16 Book Review Ivana Recmanova Xscape Origins by Damien Shields

4/8/16 Free Video Series MJ Studies Musthaves

7/8/16 MJ Academy, part two The Dangerous Philosophies

8/8/16 Visual Art of Michael Jackson Online Video Course

14/8/16 MJ Studies Today VIII 

21/8/16 Interview with prof. Marie Plasse

24/8/16 Free Video Series Dangerous

25/8/16 Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Online Video Course

29/8/16 Exclusive MJ 58: MJ & Afrocentricity

30/8/16 Michael Jackson & Classical Music Online Video Course


7/9/16 Michael Jackson’s HIStory Online Video Course

7/9/16 Michael Jackson’s HIStory

7/9/16 Essay by Ivana Recmanova Performing MJ’s Fan Identity During The History World Tour in Europe

9/9/16 MJ & Black History Online Video Course

13/9/16 Exclusive Live from Kingvention

14/9/16 MJ Studies Today IX by new columnist Kerry Hennigan 

17/9/16 The Dangerous Philosophy Online Video Course (course that accompanies the book)

21/9/16 Interview with Isabelle Petitjean

30/9/16 Celebration of the book release of The Dangerous Philosophies


1/10/16 Free Video Series Visual Art of Michael Jackson

5/10/16 Reading Michael Jackson’s Short Films Online Video Course

7/10/16 The Isle is Full of Noises

14/7/16 MJ Studies Today X 

20/10/16 Ryen Garey thesis “Who’s Bad?” Disrupting Cultural (Re)Production Through Representations Of Michael Jackson

21/10/16 Interview with Ryen Garey

30/10/16 Exclusive Michael Jackson’s Short Film Ghosts


7/11/16 Celebrating Dangerous 25: MJ’s Dancing the Dream with Andy Healy

14/11/16 MJ Studies Today XI

17/11/16 Book Review of the MJ101 series by Ivana Recmanova

19/11/16 Free Video Series Michael Jackson and Blackness

21/11/16 Interview with Andy Healy

21/11/16 Invincible Online Video Course


7/12/16 Michael Jackson & Cleopatra

14/12/16 MJ Studies Today XII 

21/12/16 Opinion Piece by Jan Carlson, Femme Fatale – ‘The Dangerous Woman’ Narrative

23/12/16 Book Review Nada Basheer, ”Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles’ by Armond White’

28/12/16 Book Review Nada Basheer, ‘Otherness And Power: Michael Jackson And His Media Critics’ By Susan Woodward

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