Episode 35 – ‘A Good Artist Copies, and A Great Artist Steals’

Abstract: In this episode, Karin discusses how artists create, and take from life and experiences. What we perceive as ‘new’ and ‘authentic’, and how

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Episode 9 – MJAS Exclusive: Michael Jackson & Prince Part II

Abstract: In this ninth episode, part II of the MJAS Exclusive, Elizabeth and Karin and their guests, fellow academics, Lisha McDuff and Roberta Meek, continue the

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‘Hee hee hee’: Michael Jackson and the Transgendered Erotics of Voice

‘Throats are part of the erotic act, commanding, whispering, swallowing. Through his cries, whispers, groans, whines, and grunts. Michael Jackson occupies a third space of gender.’ Francesca Royster explores the sexualisation of Jackson’s voice throughout his earlier solo works, ‘Off The Wall’, ‘Thriller’ and ‘Bad’ while contextualising his voice within the wider concept of African-American sexuality and its representation.

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