Presenting… The MJAS (Journal of Michael Jackson Studies Online)

Our purpose is to make this site the online centre of academic studies regarding MJ

We aim to offer a place:

  • a) with a comprehensive reference list that will be adjusted as more academic studies are published,
  • b) to publish papers (with abstracts)
  • c) to publish blogs or papers
  • d) to present links to online academic extracts and excerpts
  • e) to publish reviews of MJ-related books, from academic collections to biographies.

We feel that the current research and academic discourse, although much of it is fantastic, is too disparate for academics to find. We also feel that Michael Jackson’s art deserves far more academic attention than it currently holds. It is our aim to create an online presence which would also serve as starting point for those who want to know more about him and his art and as a guide for those who would like to contribute to the discourse on it.

We would very much like you to contribute and/or ask students who are currently writing papers on MJ to publish them both with us and on the website. We would also appreciate it if you would help us by publicising links to It is an entirely non-profit project, born out of a deep respect for his work and any profits we incur through donations will go directly to charity, in the spirit of the artist.

We are independent, have no connection with the Michael Jackson Estate and do not necessarily endorse the Estate and their products. We strongly believe in the independence of academic and critical research. We also will not take responsibility for the content written by authors but do aim to create a respectful place with high quality academic papers and resources for students, scholars, fans, and non-fans.

As MJ said, quoting Michelangelo, ‘the artist must go’, but the art remains.

Kind regards,

Editors, Elizabeth Amisu and Karin Merx

The Journal of Michael Jackson Academic Studies

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