Episode 25 – The order of the songs on Michael Jackson’s Invincible Album

Abstract: Invincible and the order of the songs. Karin and Elizabeth, discuss the last studio album of Michael Jackson, Invincible. The main question is: Is

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Episode 13 – MJAS Exclusive: Michael Jackson 58th Birthday: MJ & Afrocentricity

Abstract: This thirteenth episode is a celebration of Michael Jackson’s 58th birthday. Karin and Elizabeth’s conversation explores Michael Jackson and Afrocentricity, the predominantly American study of the history of

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Elizabeth Amisu – ‘Crack Music’: Michael Jackson’s ‘Invincible’ – Dangerous Philosophies 4/12

‘Crack Music’: Michael Jackson’s Invincible By Elizabeth Amisu Inspired by the chapter, ‘Invincible, The Denouement Album’ from The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson by

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