‘Throwing Stones to Hide Your Hands’ Revisited by Elizabeth Amisu

Abstract: In this article, Elizabeth explores her landmark essay, ‘Throwing Stones to Hide Your Hands’ The Mortal Persona of Michael Jackson’, which was one of

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Episode 16 – A Celebration of the Book Release of ‘The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson’

Abstract: This sixteenth episode is an exclusive celebration of the release of  The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson: His Music, His Persona, and His

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Episode 2 – 2015 Recap: Past, Present and Future Book 1

Abstract: Where did the journal come from? Why is it here? And that all-important question, where is it going next? In the words of the

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Arrojar Piedras Y Esconder Las Manos: La Personalidad Humana De Michael Jackson


A Spanish translation of Throwing Stones to Hide Your Hands: The Mortal Persona of Michael Jackson, a chapter excerpt from The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson (Praeger, 2016) exploring Jackson’s mortality. 

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The Dangerous Philosophies Of Michael Jackson

Saggio accademico tratto da “The Dangerous Philophies di Michael Jackson” di Elizabeth Amisu.

– Lanciare sassi e poi nascondere le mani: la natura umana di Michael Jackson –

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‘Throwing Stones to Hide Your Hands’: The Mortal Persona of Michael Jackson

Drawing on the emerging scholarly study of ‘Jacksonism’, a movement typified by the study of the multimodal art, political impact and cultural significance of Michael Jackson, this article deconstructs the mythological personas of the artist by exploring both his cultural deification and many subsequent attempts to degrade his deified status.

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