‘La Isla Está llena de rumores’: Revisando al Peter Pan del Pop

Sinopsis: Al artista Michael Jackson se le ha denominado a menudo con el apelativo de Peter Pan del Pop, sin embargo, este artículo presenta

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An Interview with Lisa Brisse

Abstract: This interview is part of our ongoing coverage of unique and dynamic authors who have written compelling monographs about Michael Jackson. In it,

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‘Crack Music’: Michael Jackson’s ‘Invincible’

‘Crack Music’: Michael Jackson’s Invincible

Inspired by the chapter, ‘ Invincible , The Denouement Album’ from The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson by Elizabeth Amisu (Praeger, 2016).

Little academic writing has been devoted to Michael Jackson’s final studio album, Invincible. This article explores Invincible through Kanye West’s metaphor of Crack Music from the 2005 album, Late Registration and places it in the context of black aspiration as a threat to dominant Western ideologies.

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Das Phänomen Michael Jackson

‘My ambition has been to write a book for the 16 year old fan as well as for the 60 year old professor of Philosophy. They all should read it with profit.’

Das Phänomen Michael Jackson was the first academic book ever written solely on Michael Jackson. On behalf of Jochen Ebmeier, the MJAS have published links to chapters of his recently re-published book from 1997.

This book is a biography which places Jackson in a broader context of the aesthetic of modern entertainment and art.

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