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Film & Television

Andy Warhol – The Complete Picture, dir. Chris Rodley (Bfs Entertainment, 2003) [on DVD]

Bad 25, dir. Spike Lee (Optimum Productions, 2013) [on DVD]

Bugsy Malone, dir. Alan Parker (Carlton, 1976) [on DVD]

Goodfellas, dir. Martin Scorsese (Warner Bros, 1990) [on DVD]

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, dir. Chris Columbus (Warner Bros, 2001) [on DVD]

The Jacksons: An American Dream, dir. Karen Arthur (Motown, 1992) [on DVD]

Mean Streets, dir. Martin Scorsese (Taplin – Perry – Scorsese Productions, 1973) [on DVD]

Michael – The Last Photo Shoots, dir. Craig Williams (Noval Williams Films) FORTHCOMING

Modern Masters: Andy Warhol, dir. Sarah Aspinall (BBC, 2011)

Moonwalkers, dir. Tahkiya Brady (ATBMJ, 2014) [on YouTube]

Nightmare on Elm Street, dir. Wes Craven (New Line Cinema, 1984) [on DVD]

Superman, dir. Richard Donner (Dovemead/Film Export A.G./International Film Productions, 1978) [on DVD]

Taxi Driver, dir. Martin Scorsese (Bill/Phillips/Italo/Judeo Productions, 1976) [on DVD]

West Side Story, dirs. Robert Wise & Jerome Robbins (Twentieth Century Fox, 1961) [on DVD]

The Wizard of Oz, dir. Victor Fleming (Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, 1939) [on DVD]

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