Academic Book Review of ‘The Michael Jacksons: An Ethnographic Monograph’ by Lorena Turner

Abstract: The Michael Jacksons: An Ethnographic Monograph. By Lorena Turner. Los Angeles, California: Little Moth Press, 2014. $34.95/£24.07 approx. 40 full-colour Illus. 8 x 9.4

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Elizabeth Amisu – ‘Crack Music’: Michael Jackson’s ‘Invincible’ – Dangerous Philosophies 4/12

‘Crack Music’: Michael Jackson’s Invincible By Elizabeth Amisu Inspired by the chapter, ‘Invincible, The Denouement Album’ from The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson by

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Book Review Of ‘On Michael Jackson’ by Margo Jefferson

On Michael Jackson by Margo Jefferson (Vintage, 2006) Vintage Books USA; Reprint edition (2 Jan. 2007) £10,66/$14,00 5.2 x 0.4 x 8 inches; 146 pages. Paperback.

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