Academic Book Review of ‘The Michael Jacksons: An Ethnographic Monograph’ by Lorena Turner

Abstract: The Michael Jacksons: An Ethnographic Monograph. By Lorena Turner. Los Angeles, California: Little Moth Press, 2014. $34.95/£24.07 approx. 40 full-colour Illus. 8 x 9.4

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Arrojar Piedras Y Esconder Las Manos: La Personalidad Humana De Michael Jackson


A Spanish translation of Throwing Stones to Hide Your Hands: The Mortal Persona of Michael Jackson, a chapter excerpt from The Dangerous Philosophies of Michael Jackson (Praeger, 2016) exploring Jackson’s mortality. 

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The Dangerous Philosophies Of Michael Jackson

Saggio accademico tratto da “The Dangerous Philophies di Michael Jackson” di Elizabeth Amisu.

– Lanciare sassi e poi nascondere le mani: la natura umana di Michael Jackson –

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Michael Jackson’s Death as a Social Event

The death of Michael Jackson and the media coverage between 25th June 2009 and January 2010 caused a lot of questions about contemporary culture, e.g. How does popular culture deal with death? What does the media “do” with death? What do reactions of the media and its community “tell” about the media itself and the audience?

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