Sylvia Martin – ‘The Roots and Routes of Michael Jackson’s Global Identity’

· Academia, African-American Heritage

This abstract was written by Elizabeth Amisu with the permission of the author. This article can be downloaded from or Springer.

Martin, Sylvia J., ‘The Roots and Routes of Michael Jackson’s Global Identity’, Society (2012) Vol. 49, pp. 284-290

How exactly did Michael Jackson, an African-American child from a working class family in barely desegregated America become a one-man international conglomerate, who wielded the power of his celebrity as a two-edged sword which was as effective in fissuring his persona as it was in making the world a better place’? The Roots and Routes of Michael Jackson’s Global Identity charts Jackson’s meteoric rise and his journey from the heart of Americana to the heart of a global village and from a world of records to one of mp3s.


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